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Please help
Posted: 13/08/2013 by Zoola

When We brought Reginald (marinated 12 years old) from a trustworthy previous owner (3 years ago) he had some damage to the front of his shell. Which she explained as being from a fight with a previous tortoise. However, his shell has always been dry, and never quite right. Large sections of it are now flaking off, leaving what looks like the bone underneath. We feed him lots of weeds and some tortoise food. (However he dosnt seem to eat as much as he used to). He also usually has a cuttlefish in his enclosure. (which he does eat) I don't know how to upload images. Please help explain the problem, or what can be done about it?! ( we brought him with a partner, Doris, who is thriving and seems very healthy)

Re: Please help
Posted: 13/08/2013 by Tom

If Doris is thriving, then that is encouraging. Where is their enclosure - outside?
What is the tortoise food?
Could you get some one to upload some pics, this would be very helpful.

Re: Please help
Posted: 14/08/2013 by Zoola

Yes, they have a large outdoor enclosure, with a house in it. We live in the channel islands so it is a mild climate. They have a heat lamp in the house when they first move outside after hibernation. Reginald dosn't eat the tortoise food, he prefers dandelions leaves and flowers. Please can someone explain how to upload pictures?


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