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Titans sore parts
Posted: 03/07/2013 by thesharkeys

Hi, This post is intended for the vet Dr Kevin Eatwell to answer, But if anyone else has any ideas or help then I would be very happy for any help given. We recently introduced a new female hermanns tortoise into our family after sometime in Quarantine from my other 2 Hermanns tortoises. But just recently Titan (a 3 years old male ) has been trying to get his wicked way with the female (2 1/2 years old). only natural. He pulls his faces and mounts her shell, But she isn't raising her shell ( not showing interest ).. But now Titan's sexual parts seem to look sore.. is it because he is not getting anywhere with her?.. and getting a sort off friction burn from her shell?..Titan ( the male) has always had a small tall , But has had no trouble showing us his parts and they are Titan is a Dalmation Hermanns. has anyone got any ideas?... thanks in advance.

Re: Titans sore parts
Posted: 03/07/2013 by Tom

Yes your assumption is about right. You will need to watch it doesn't get infected. Clean it daily with iodine / povidine solution (chemists) or similar. They need to be separated, they are far too young to allow mating. Females need to be almost 2Kg before breeding is contemplated.
How do you know it is specifically Dalmation ?

Re: Titans sore parts
Posted: 03/07/2013 by thesharkeys

Hi Tom, Just got back from the vets.. I have had my tortoise's sub species checked and verified by Chris Leone of the He is a great guy and knows his stuff. The plastron and Carapace give it well defined. THe vet has given us some antibiotics for 7 days, and said exactly what you have said. We love our torts, and we rushed to the vet because we didn't want an infection at all. Titan is a randy little tort. We will have to keep an eye on him and keep him away from any sexual activities at least until as you say 2kg.. Thank you for your advice Tom, it was much appreciated.


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