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Missing nails
Posted: 02/07/2013 by daisyd

I've just collected my 1 year old Hermann from a friend who was tortoise sitting whilst I was away and am really concerned to see that he is missing 3 of his nails on his left rear leg.
Do they grow back, or will he have a stump forever? There is no sign of infection, and It doesn't seem as if Colin is in pain. Other than his leg, he is in fine form and is currently gorging on plantain.
Any advice appreciated!

Re: Missing nails
Posted: 03/07/2013 by Tom

Hello Daisy,
Plantain is an excellent food. Assuming that you were away for just a week or two, it's surprising that 3 claws have disappeared. What does the tort sitter have to say. Are you 100% sure that they were there before. As to re-growing, it depends on the cause. Monitor the leg carefully, if you have any concerns, then look up the nearest TPG recommended vet.
Can you post a few pics ?

Re: Missing nails
Posted: 03/07/2013 by daisyd

Hi Tom,
I'll post some pics later on today.
I'm completely certain he had his nails before I went away... I can't think how he has managed to break them.

Incidentally, do you have any suggestions as to how I can increase his weight? He seems to be sticking at around the 30g mark. His diet is almost completely weeds (with the odd treat) but no pellets at all. Other than being small, he is very healthy and active.


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