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Female biting male
Posted: 10/06/2013 by pauline01

Hi I haven't been on here for a while as everything has been going sort of smoothly, but last year I separated my two largest tortoises as the male was stressing out the female, now she will not entertain him back in the enclosure, as soon as I put him in with her she will go for him, she will bite him and butt him. How on earth am I ever going to get them back together. I have two younger tortoises but I am afraid to put them all in together in case she attacks them too. If I put the smaller ones with the male this is fine. I am absolutely sure she is female and he is male, he was mounting her last year and there is a definate difference between the shape of the shells and tails, his is longer, hers is short and stumpy. They are now about six years old. I have a problem with one of the younger tortoises but will put this question in a seperate post so please look out for it. Any advice will be gratefully accepted. Oh by the way will the female be like this with any male tortoise?


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