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tortise sitting for friend
Posted: 25/05/2013 by housesitter

I posted this in the wrong section, sorry, so Im trying again
Im tortoise sitting for a friend who is on holiday for three weeks and Im increasingly concerned that the tortoise is not eating anything. Its a large tortoise (no idea what type) that has the free run of her house/patio. Im bathing the tortoise in warm water and he is drinking and he walks around the house, but he wont eat - even when I try to hand feed him. She has left a selection of cabbage/ watercress/ apple in the fridge for him. Ive tried them all, but no luck.
Ive been reading stuff on-line and I think the problem is that its so cold and he needs a basking lamp, but Im no expert. I also have no idea how to use one, or even where to get one (assuming that that is what he needs)
I think I need a lot of advice please

Re: tortise sitting for friend
Posted: 29/05/2013 by aleta66

Hi, I have only just started keeping a tortoise myself, and I am hoping that someone else a little more experienced will reply to you and correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think it is warm enough yet for him to be outside (or at least it isn't where I am in south west)and if they are kept inside they do need a uva/uvb light. It is very difficult as you are only sitting for your friend. How long has she had him or her?


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