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Lazy Tortoise
Posted: 22/04/2013 by Kerryanne_90

Hi Everyone,

I have had my 2 year old Horsefield tortoise Since Christmas day. Since then he has been coming out of his 'house' at 9am ish and going to bed when the lamp was turned off at 9pm. During the day he would be very energetic, walking around the living room, eating everything etc. Over the past 2 weeks he has been very lazy, i have had to take him out of his bed every day and after 10 mins under the lamp he wants to go back in to bed. The only day he didnt go to bed was when it was hot outside and I left him in the garden, he was exploring all day long and seemed to love it!!

I have checked the temperatures in the enclosure and they are what they should be, I have the UV light correct, the substrate is top soil ( had to take the 50% sand out as it irritated his eyes)
He is eating a diet of weeds, rocket, dandelions, cress etc and eats fine. He has 3/4 baths a week. His eyes are not watery and his tongue is pink.

Am i just panicking over nothing? Any suggestions to liven him up as he hasnt always been this lazy :)



Re: Lazy Tortoise
Posted: 26/04/2013 by karenza

The soil substrate may be making him want to hibernate or he may not like it. I use flat sheets of newspaper and clean long straw - in his sleeping house (not the cut dusty type!)

Let your tort out into a guinea pig run or similar in the garden with big stones and different areas, and shallow water dish as much as pos when warm (with a sheltered house area too)  Try to place in a position where no neighbours /workmen will see to avoid theft. Also try spring greens/ yellow pepper (no seeds)/ cucumber and a cuttle fish bone from a petfood store for him to sharpen his beak and nails on Do not bathe too much..

They are gregarious creatures enjoying playing and company. It is unhealthy and unnatural to be under a hot lamp all the time.


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