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Posted: 19/03/2013 by mrs f

Hi all, Mrs Brown ( Hermans - 5 years old ) seems to have a sore eye, i noticed it this morning, its looks like it has a slight film over it, and seems a little bit weepy, she is eating fine and the other eye looks ok, i bathed this morning with pre boiled water , she is a little bit on the sleepy side, not moving about as much as she sometimes does, but i was putting it down to being chilly even in doors, i have heating on in morning and evenings but not all day.....she has basking lamp at about 28 degrees and a uv lamp on as well .. she is bathed every other day and has been out of hibernation for several weeks now... Any one have any idea's , or suggestions of how to help with the eye..

Many thanks


Posted: 20/03/2013 by Tom

Eye problems are potentially very serious. You say that it's "chilly even indoors" - & there's a "basking lamp at about 28." Make sure it's 28 - 30C, in the basking spot for about 12hrs daily, given the problem. Don't bathe the eye, just put the tort. in 2cm of tepid water 3x a day. Give it time to put it's head under the water.
How is it being kept - viv, T.Table, etc, etc.? If you are still concerned, take it a vet by Friday at the latest.

Posted: 20/03/2013 by mrs f

Thanks, i will bathe as you suggest, she is in table top, and i do leave lights on for 12 hours, prob a bit more really, it looked a bit better last night so im hoping it nothing serious, but i will take her to rep vet in Bradford if still worried about her by tomorrow.

Many thanks for the advise, as always its appreciated ..



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