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Tortoise Ailment
Posted: 05/02/2013 by Lili Rose

Hello, I've had a Horsefield tortoise, aged approximately two years, for almost two months now. She is my first tortoise, and I researched as much as I could before hand, and she seemed to flourish for a number of weeks. However, she has only had a uv light for 3 weeks as one could not previously sourced. In the last two weeks she has become far more energised if anything, but has been going more and more off of her food, whereas before she ate like a pig! She has not eaten anything at all now for going on four days, she appears to be interested in the food but then just ignores it and walks away. She is bathed regularly, every other day if not every day, and is fed a wide variety of green, including a number of approved weeds from the garden. I was wondering if you had any ideas why she may be so off of her food, as it just does not seem to make any logical sense, and I would hate to lose her as she has quickly become a most loved family member! Thank you!

Re: Tortoise Ailment
Posted: 05/02/2013 by TPGDarren

It may just be this time of year?
May I ask if you have a heat lamp as well as the UVB tube please and if so what the basking temperature is.
It may just be she is full up and there is more food on offer than she requires. Providing she is eating, I wouldn't worry too much. Food should be limited for tortoises and not be readily available - maybe this isn't the case with your tortoise?
It could be worth having a health check. Certainly, if she came from a pet shop or someone who uses a courier service, it would be worth getting her chaecked and a stool sample screened also.


Re: Tortoise Ailment
Posted: 05/02/2013 by Lili Rose

Thanks for your reply!
She had a heat lamp up until a week ago when it stopped working, so currently is next to a heater while we look for another, which keeps her at around 30 in the day and is turned down to room temp at night. I was just concerned as she has not eaten anything for a number of days now. I was considering taking her to the vet, but I do not have a specialised vet near, only a local country vet more experienced with farm animals that exotics I assume! She was bought from a pet shop, but it is a smal, locally owned shop which claims to use only local or Uk based breeders for their animals. Thank you for your input!


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