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Help needed ASAP
Posted: 29/12/2012 by kellyjane2006

I have a 3 year old Herman, who has always been picky with his food, will only eat cucumber and salad (not iceburg). He has never been very active, only wakes up for food around 2pm and then normally back to bed. He has a set up with a spot bulb, a heat bulb (as my house is cold) and a reptile UV bulb. He hasn't ate for 3 weeks. He shell appears to be very soft. I gave him a warm bath earlier, in which he lay in for 2 hours, and did go to the toilet, which I thought was good? I decided to take him out of the bath and have since noticed his shell looks almost transparent on the side and the begining of his under belly, it looks almost bruise like-what is this???? Is this because he spent so long in warm water? I made sure the water was warm, not too hot and not cold. He still will not eat the fresh salad in there and I have also tried fres cuttlefish, any ideas please??? I'm really concerned.

Re: Help needed ASAP
Posted: 29/12/2012 by wizzasmum

Yes, you need to get it to a recommended exotics vet ASAP. Soft shell can be fatal. You say it is three years old, but not how long you have had it. If it has been behaving this way for three years, then I would say your heating, uv facilities and supplements are to blame. What sort of uv are you providing and are you giving any D3 supplements?



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