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Posted: 27/12/2012 by Jude1862

Need advice and help my 8yr old tortoise has a lump on his jaw. Went to see my vet in October who gave antibiotics in case it was infection, this had no effect. Went back 3 weeks later and was told it may be a blocked saliva duct - advised to bathe in warm water and try depressing the lump to see if it has any effect. This did nothing at all !!
Ive now noticed some of his beak has started to to lift away - this is on the same side as the lump.
Ive checked on the recommended vets list and nothing shows for my area Derby.
I would be grateful of any advice or help.

Re: HELP!!
Posted: 27/12/2012 by unhindered

Here is a list I have found

I use Bruce Maclean who is local to me, if there aren't any local to you it might be worth travelling a little further afield if you can, I hope you manage to find one

Re: HELP!!
Posted: 28/12/2012 by jackierose61

I found this one not too far from Derby:
Paul Nurse
24 Mundy Street
DE75 7EB
Tel: 01773 717780


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