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Poorly Horsfield
Posted: 21/11/2012 by bob

Hi can anyone help, ive had a new horsfield 3 months and she seems to be constipated and also when she urinates ive noticed thick white sticky stuff, not the usual chalky urates ive noticed with my other tortoise, can anyone help, ive been  bathing daily to try help with the constipation but unsure what else i can do, does anyone know of good vets uk wetherby area?

Re: Poorly Horsfield
Posted: 23/11/2012 by wizzasmum

Do you mean Wetherby in Yorkshire? Stuart McArthur is at Holly House in Leeds.His contact is on the links page I think. 

Urates should never be chalky but more liquid, could it be that your new tortoise is displaying more normal ones? A tortoise that is well hydrated rarely gets constipated. Bating regularly, watering substrate and feeding correct diet of high fibre weeds and occasional aloe vera and opuntia cactus will keep it regular. What substrate do you use for your tortoise? Does it dig down at night or sleep on the surface - digging down prevents dehydration and shell pyramiding.

Hope this helps



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