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Weird behaviour
Posted: 26/08/2012 by Melissa and George

Hi guys, I have a very happy healthy tort that is the centre of my little world! But last night as he was coming out he did this little dance sort of thing rubbing the top of his shell on the entrance to his cave? I've never seen him do this before! Is this normal?

Re: Weird behaviour
Posted: 31/08/2012 by alibannani

I'd like to know about this too... mine does it sometimes when she gets a bit wedged under stuff... maybe he's getting a bit big for his cave...?
I know it's not much help but there's reassurance knowing my little girl isn't the only one! xD
Alex and Ifutu!

Re: Weird behaviour
Posted: 31/08/2012 by Melissa and George

Yeah, I thought it might be that but I have got him
Into a bigger cave and have caught him at it again, it's almost like he is itching his shell at the top, I'm glad that my little one isn't the only weird one either haha, I thought he was having a little dance but so long as he's not trying to tell me something that's wrong with him,

Hopefully we will get to the bottom of this soon, put our minds to rest haha
Melissa and George


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