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Baby herman looking poorly
Posted: 26/07/2012 by loopy25

HI, im new here, i have 3 new hatchlings that i got 6 weeks ago from a reg breeder. They are from two different clutches, two are about 6 months old and the poorly one is around 3 months now.Originally we were keeping them in a vivarium but after reading so many places saying dont use these we got a tortoise table and use a 10% Exo-Terra strip light and also a 100w spot bulb for heat. Cool end of table is around 22 and hot end is at 30

The older two (Tiny and Georgie)are doing fine, moving well and eating well, bright and alert. So was dotty the smallest until yesterday when she seemed to go downhill. She is still eating but not very much but is hardly moving. Yesterday her eyes were always shut so i took some advise from the forum and dabbed them gently with a cotton bud soaked in cod liver oil. This seemed to solve the problem and her eyes are now open. I am just concerned that she barely moves all day. Through the night i really though she was going to die but she is still with us. Any advice please?

Substrate is 50/50 top soil and play sand. Fed on dandelion flowers and leaves clover both pink and white, tiny bit of cucumber and given nutrobel every day. Had a shallow dish of fresh water every day, lights turned off at night.

I would hate to lose her and dont know what is wrong or what to do.

Please help.


Re: Baby herman looking poorly
Posted: 27/07/2012 by Hazel Steer

Have you tried bathing her in a warm bath as like adults juvenile tortoises can suffer from bladder stones which can be attributed to lack of moisture when kept in a heated vivarium. I note you were aware that vivs are not good for tortoises and have put now your torts on a table which is much better for them but I wonder if the problem had already arisen?. Is your tortoise straining at all to pass water and is it defacating normally? If it is straining to urinate you will need to take to a reptile vet urgently as if kidney stones are the problem it can prove fatal. Other than that you appear to be doing everything you can to give yout torts the best in life so good luck and I hope all goes well. Regards , Graykir

Re: Baby herman looking poorly
Posted: 27/07/2012 by tortoise7

Hi and Click and drag me down to the editor
Well done for doing your research well. I am very suprised that a UK breeder would have housed the torts in a Viv, this would make me wary of the conditions they were bred in? anyway they are in good hands now. I would definately get her to a specialist vet asap, something is not right and the sooner you can find out what it is the sooner and better the recovery will be.
Please keep us posted

Re: Baby herman looking poorly
Posted: 28/07/2012 by loopy25

hi, little dotty hasnt done a poo in a few days although she isnt eating much so wondered if this is why. I have been giving her a few warm baths the last 2 days but it doesnt seem to be making any difference at the moment.

Its strange as the others are thriving, my son make an outdoor run for them with a mesh cover so they can go out in the sun too and are loving it.

I will persevere with dotty and keep offering bits of food to try to get her to eat.

There are no specialsit vets near me and my vet said she doesnt know anything about tortoises to help. My daughters friend in work said she knows of vet in sussex which is a long way from me but will see if i can call her to get some advice but it wont be til monday.

Thank you

Re: Baby herman looking poorly
Posted: 28/07/2012 by tortoise7

Is that 2 baths a day or 1 bath for the last 2 days? if the latter then I woud up the baths to 2 a day everyday, although if she has not eaten then she won't have anything to pass. How has she been since being outside?

Re: Baby herman looking poorly
Posted: 29/07/2012 by Allie

Hello. How much is she eating and drinking? Does she have access to sunshine?


Re: Baby herman looking poorly
Posted: 01/08/2012 by loopy25

hi, yes she does have acces to sunshine, my son built an outside run with a hide section for shade and a mesh cover to protect from our dogs and birds etc.

Good news!! Dotty is now eating properly again and is moving around very well. Whatever made her poorly she seems to have got over. I kept giving her several baths each day in warm water and got her bits of chopped up cucumber and tomatoe and also some bagged medditeranium salad leaves.

Eventually on monday morning she ate some bits and steadily throughout the day she started to nibble on other bits and has progressed each day. Today she has been eating very well and made a bee line for the 'table' when they 'smelt' the food coming, it was so nice to see.

I think she will be fine now but thank you to the support you have all showed me.



Re: Baby herman looking poorly
Posted: 03/08/2012 by tortoise7

Brilliant news, see what a bit of TLC does. Sometimes there is a place for the naughty foods to get the gastric fluids working, and then once caught, its over to the good stuff.
Thank you for letting us know that your little one has turned a corner, that is a good start to my day to hear that.


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