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horsfield with eye problem
Posted: 24/05/2012 by donna vick

Hi there i hope someone can help me my horsfield tort has swollen eyes and is not eating or drinking he has been like it for a couple of months i took him to the vet straight away and i have been giving him vitamin supplements, critical care formula and eye drops ever since but the eyes are still shut, any new  ideas would be appreciated.


Re: horsfield with eye problem
Posted: 24/05/2012 by DavidWYork

Hi there. May be a vitamin A deficiency.

I have had dramatic results with codliver oil, in the past.One terrapin I treated for someone was open eyed and feeding within a couple of days! ( Having been "blind" for weeks.) I have had similar results with torts, over a few weeks.

2 months like this sounds bad. I am sure he is in need of critical care. Is your vet an experienced exotics vet? I would try and open the mouth and using a cotton bud, put 2 drops (dips), of codliver oil on the tongue alternate days, for a week. Also try fruit pureed babyfood the same way. Normally fruit would be a no no, but I feel drasric measures are needed. Has your vet tried or suggested tube feeding?

Please post again with as much info about conditions and vet suggestions/advice given. You may need another vet to advise on a different regime. Please keep us up to date, you may help dozens of other cases if you do.

 Regards, David nr York

Re: horsfield with eye problem
Posted: 24/05/2012 by donna vick

Thanks David i will give the cod liver oil a whirl he currently has a drip inserted into his stomach through which we administer fluids and the supplements  the vet i am seeing is not an  experienced exotics vet although he has been seeking advice and has been very helpful keep you posted


Re: horsfield with eye problem
Posted: 26/05/2012 by wizzasmum

The vet should have taken swabs to ID any bacteria and used a suitable antibiotic after all this time. I can't imagine why he would be stomach tubing with no disease being identified. I would look for another vet if it was me. Are you giving the tortoise regular warm soaks and keeping his temps up while he is on medication. If the drops are antibiotic drops, they won't work if he is allowed to cool down. Being cold blooded his body cannot handle this alone.

Re: horsfield with eye problem
Posted: 26/05/2012 by DavidWYork

Hi there. Now you have posted more details, I agree with wizzasmum.

It may be a little embarassing to part with current vet, but, I feel it is the best thing to do. Torty needs food, not just fluids, to survive. Do you have a  zoo/ reptile centre or RSPCA locally? They might advise on a suitable vet for exotics.

Unless a vet has undergone specific training for reptiles, their general training does not, in my experience, contain enough work on exotics. No disrespect intended to the vet fraternity intended. They do the best according to their training and experience. Your torty needs specific help, and soon.

If you let us know your post code, one of us members might know of your nearest exotics vet. Good luck...there are really excellent vets out there, it's just locating them!

Regards, David nr York.

Re: horsfield with eye problem
Posted: 29/05/2012 by donna vick

we were thinking the same regarding the vet as i said he has been helpful but we dont seem to be getting anywhere.

we have started with the cod liver oil and he has spent a lot of time outside during the last few days which i think is doing him good but we think we may have to try another vet  our post code is BB4 6BQ.

Re: horsfield with eye problem
Posted: 29/05/2012 by DavidWYork

Hi there, I have been googling and researching, and come up with:

Siuna Reid
The Veterinary Health Centre,
4 The Greenways,
Lytham St Annes,

This vet was recommended on another reptile site...anywhere you could get to?

I do hope somebody near to you will post...good luck!

David nr York.


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