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Dry skin
Posted: 06/05/2012 by Shaughn123

My tortoise has very dry skin on his head but not sore yet is there anything I need to put on this

Re: Dry skin
Posted: 06/05/2012 by DavidWYork

Hello there. I am wondering if it is dry head scales you are seeing, or peeling skin?

Both of these happen quite naturally over the life of a tortoise as it grows. The shell "expands" by adding minute amounts to the edges of the shields of the shell, whereas the head scales seem to grow from underneath and the old ones sometimes peel off. Same with the skin on the softer parts of a tortoise, it is sloughed off occasionally as torty grows...but in pieces. It can look untidy, but do not be tempted to pull and remove. Give things to under, over, round and through, plus regular bathing. This will cause the skin to fall off eventually. If really worried, and my suggestions do not fit what is happening, I would refer to a reptile vet for reassurance. Keep us posted...a picture would be really useful.

Regards, David nr York.


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