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15 mths still not eating
Posted: 26/04/2012 by Amelias mum


I gained a very young spur thigh that had lived in a viv, she seemed a bit lost in the garden the first year but I only put her out on really warm days and knew it would take her time to adjust, I had taken in 2 unwanted ones 3 years ago and they had taken time to adjust to the freedom of a garden as they were living in appalling conditions in a viv, now they are fine eating so well but my little girl came out of hibernation feb 2011 and wont eat on her own, i have to feed her manualy every day, I put it in her mouth and she eats it, she has a bath most days, we have been back and forth to the vets, for food supplements and injections(she awoke with a very runny nose)she has not been hibernated this last winter as she is so weak. she has weeds, fresh dandelions, nutrabol, dried weeds on her food but still she wont eat on her own, I tried starving her for a week but no go. She has improved alot in the fact she now seems more alert and will slowly have alittle stroll if forced to. but she would stay in her bed forever and just sleep her life away if I did not get her up. I will not let her die but I have to take her on holiday with me and just cant leave her, any ideas, I am at my wits end, she is under a lamp on colder days,help anyone

Re: 15 mths still not eating
Posted: 01/05/2012 by welshiegal

Hi there, iam so hoping that someone replies to your post as what you have described is the exact of wat my spur thighed is at the moment and iam so so worried its unbearable.

Re: 15 mths still not eating
Posted: 02/05/2012 by Amelias mum

I am so hoping someone will have the magic answer, but all I do know being positive is that she is slowly putting on weight and 15 months later she is still alive.

i know how worried you are I have been to but all I can say is because she is still alive I must be doing something right, just keep giving warm baths every day and making sure she get the very best in weeds and nutrition is all I can do. she is more alert than she was and there are very slight improvements, but I would give anything to see her graze on the lawn and eat on her own. noone has relied so maybe ther is no magic answer and I just keep doing this until one day she eats on her own, that day will be my lottery winning day, just dont give up, I am not.


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