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nails very short and two missing
Posted: 25/03/2012 by louie

My tortoise has naturally filed her nails down since being in a new open top table habitat. she will scratch on the sides sometimes and I have just noticed how short her nails have got.
I am worried as a nail on each foot has gone completely.
I have bathed her in case the area gets infected.
I have moved her from the habitat and she has been going outside now the weather is nice.
no signs of her being in pain or walking funny.
will her nails grow back?
and is there anything I can do to avoid infection on her feet.
I won't put her back in the open top table as I'm worried she will have no nails left if she scratches again.
I have looked for helpful answers but can only see people asking about nails being too long not too short is this rare?
I hope someone can help as I'm worried, iv'e had her 6 years and never had any problems.
Thank you

Re: nails very short and two missing
Posted: 25/03/2012 by VivTPG

Hi, The nails should grow back and you can bath the feet in diluted povidine (iodine) to keep out any infection.

It sounds like there is a problem if the tortoise is constantly scratching, when she goes back in the table check the temps are ok and the heat is not to high that she is trying to escape it, or is the table top too small?  It could just be she knows the weather is perking up and wants to be outside.


Re: nails very short and two missing
Posted: 28/03/2012 by louie

Thank you,
I have sprayed her feet with Betadine as recommended by many people and she is loving it outside in this lovely weather.
I think you are right that she needed a change of scenery, temps were fine but maybe the table top is now too small. Thanks for your advice :) glad to hear they will grow back :)


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