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New russian tortoise advice
Posted: 25/02/2012 by

Hello everyone,

I was given a russian tortoise recently. I am following the advice listed on the TPG site and others about habitat, feeding etc. and he/she seems pretty active.

As I am completely new to all of this I was wondering if you could take a look at the photos I have taken and let me know if I am doing the right thing! He is 10cm long and has a mass of 275g. Sorry about the quality of the photos. It is hard trying to take a photo of a moving tortoise!

You're advice would be great. Thank you.


Re: New russian tortoise advice
Posted: 25/02/2012 by tortoise7

Hi Matt and welcome
Well done for reading the care sheets first they save you time and and money on getting it right first time.
There does look like a bit of overgrowth but that would not be from what you are doing? what diet are feeding him/her?
To check the weight for horsfields you need to use the McIntyre Ratio see link below

S/he looks nice and healthy and acting just like a horsfield

Re: New russian tortoise advice
Posted: 25/02/2012 by

Hi Jane.
Enzo (his/her name) get's a mix of salad-type things at the moment. Lollo roso, endive, romaine lettuce, chicory, rocket, lambs lettuce, kale - I'm trying to mix things up. I'm adding nutrobal and reptavite occasionally.


Re: New russian tortoise advice
Posted: 26/02/2012 by tortoise7

Hi Matt
Hopefully the weeds should start sprouting with abundance next week,what you are giving Enzo is a good temporary diet, check this site out for all the advice you need on what plants you can feed

I would dust daily with the nutrobal and occasional with vionate


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