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problem with egg follicles
Posted: 13/02/2012 by Madtortlady

Hi - back at vet next week but somewhat concerned as my Tina (had her over 51 years!) has had some 'odd blood readings' recently - including swelling of soft tissues.  I have a good tort vet in Gloucestershire - says prob. due to Tina having to NOT hibernate, 'thinks it's spring'; 'starting reproductive cycle'?!  Will try & get fuller explanation but v. worried problems with egg follicles/surgery?!  Tina hasn't laid eggs for over 4 years, so thought she'd finished - all a bit much for her anyway! Anyone had similar issues?  Thanks

Re: problem with egg follicles
Posted: 14/02/2012 by TPGDarren


Is she ok now?
Your vet sounds as though they know what they are doing. Has your vet mentiond surgery at all? How was her weight this year and previous year. Has your vet said it is follicular stasis. I would be inclined to stick with whatever the vet says. It's very difficult to give any prognosis without x-rays etc. It may be nothing and she may just stop laying eggs due to an unforeseen problem. We had it here a few years back with an active female. Shadows appeared over her follicules and she was very inactive, didn't eat properly etc then she perked up. She hasn't laid any eggs since though and we've had her x-rayed since just to be sure she wasn't retaining eggs at all.

Please let us know how you get on

Kindest Regards


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