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Jackson ratio & hibernation
Posted: 14/12/2011 by Ariane

Should I have taken the Jackson ratio measurement before the cessation of feeding in the wind down period? I have a Hermanns 4 year old female and successfully fridge hibernated last year but ratio is lower this year. I cannot remember if the ratio is prior or post wind down. thanks!

Re: Jackson ratio & hibernation
Posted: 14/12/2011 by DavidWYork

Hi there, Jackson ratio is a result of averages for many tortoises. Plenty will be above and plenty  below the median graph line .It is a guide only, and I use it for August measurements when most torties are fully  active.  A tortoises' weight is seasonal. If your tortoise is at its lowest in August, then monitor closely, as it should be at a high now. If at lowest, then something has caused this, and needs investigation by the owner. If your beastie is at its lower prior to wind down, then I would be cautious. One wee should not put it below expected body mass. In the wild, I do not believe all tortoises take in water for the month prior to hibernation, and that  all those that urinate are doomed. Our duty is to rehydrate any tortoise waking, at the earliest opportunity, and provide natural spring temperatures and food for the range our tortoises naturally inhabit. Our duty is to  be diligent and reactive to the conditions we find our torties in. In my experience that involves judgements every season for each of our beasties

Please respond, everyone with your thoughts so that we can all gain from your findings.

David nr York

Re: Jackson ratio & hibernation
Posted: 22/12/2011 by Ariane

Thank you very much. My tortoise's pre wind down ratio was a very healthy one so you have put my mind at rest. She has settled down immediately in the fridge and weight hasn't dropped. Thanks again. Happy Christmas, Ariane


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