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Won't Lay Old Eggs
Posted: 02/11/2011 by Swebb

My tortoise started laying eggs in summer 2009 but she prolapsed and had a very traumatic time laying three eggs and an xray showed she still had two eggs inside her.  I was advised not to hibernate her which I haven't done for the last few years so she could re-couperate but a recent visit to the vets and an xray showed she still has the two eggs inside her.

I have been told an operation could cost thousands which is unfortunately out of the question as I don't have that sort of money to fund it, an injection to start of contractions could/could not work but could also cause her to prolapse again, so I was wondering if a visit from/to a male tortoise might help her lay her two eggs which must be a bit stale inside her by now so I really need help with ideas of how to get her to lay them???

Hopefully somone can help me as I  don't want her to die from having rotten eggs inside her.

Re: Won't Lay Old Eggs
Posted: 03/11/2011 by TPGDarren

If the eggs are left in there there they will calcify (get bigger) and they will become more and more difficult to pass. Introducing a male will only cause further problems and as she has already prolapsed she shouldn't be introduced to males at all.
I would say there are two options.
Get her nice and warm and ask the vet to give her an oxytocin injection which may cause further problems as she may prolapse again (cheaper but more risky)
or option 2 is to operate.
There really isn't another option, to leave the eggs in there will undoubtedly eventually cause her massive problems as they get larger:-(

Sorry I can't be more helpful
Kindest Regards


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