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jaw problem
Posted: 18/10/2011 by parimah

i have a tortoises
he was ill . cause lack of Ca, & Vit , lack of sun light ,uv ...
i fed him by vit & ca & let him being outdoors , under sun light
his shell become stronger , he seems well now
but there is a problem yet
his mandibular precede maxillary , what should i do??
& another problem: i fed him with hand , when he was ill, & now , he doesnt like eat ,by himself
tell me what i can do?
i dont know his exact age , but he is with me near 1 year now
he is using supplement a bout 3 month

Re: jaw problem
Posted: 18/10/2011 by DavidWYork

I personally would seek out a good exotics vet and let an expert trim the beak to get a good bite action. Let us know where you are and also look at the vet section at the bottom of the page of postings. Hopefully we can link you to a good vet.

As for hand feeding, be patient, and when he begins to feel better and biting is easier, indulge him with favourites placed in front of his mouth, and when he is hungry I would be surprised if his instincts don't kick in!

Regards, David nr York

Re: jaw problem
Posted: 19/10/2011 by parimah

Im in Iran, a vet in Iran visited him, but he said, i cant make you sure ,he will be treated, he priscribed a supplement, (Calci care) include Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc & Vit D
Many thnks


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