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Posted: 21/09/2011 by torties3


Advice needed please.

My 2 year-old Spur-thighed tortoise is having trouble trying to excrete a large white calcium pellet.  His "tail" is very swollen and distended and he is rushing around frantically, obviously in pain.  The protuding part of the stone is too smooth to get hold of.

I have put him in a tray of warm water but it does not seem to be helping.  Can anyone please tell me what I can do to help?

With thanks,   Barbara

Re: Mrs
Posted: 22/09/2011 by tortoise7

Hi Barbara
You need to get him to a tortoise specialist vet asap. In the meantime have you tried putting some vaseline around the area?

These white stones are telling you that he is dyhydrated, so you will have to make sure that he has a couple of baths a day and always has water available. I would also check your temps too as they may be too high.
I hope that by now you have been to the vet, can you let us know how you got on
Fingers crossed for you


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