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Help with hatchlings
Posted: 13/09/2011 by winnie

Hi guys, long time no speak. Hope all and their torts are well. I was wandering if somebody could tell me how big I can go on indoor housing for hatchlings?. Everything I read says to keep it small. Also substrate, at the mo they're on sand/soil mix just as I use for my Horsfields. These hatchlings are Greaca's (morrocon) aged at apx 12 months poss younger. The bigger one weighed 38g when I got a few weeks ago, the smaller one 28g. Advice greatly appreciated,


Re: Help with hatchlings
Posted: 20/09/2011 by tortoise7

Hi Winnie
Sorry missed your postClick and drag me down to the editor
If I say that Keya had a 6'x 2'  indoor pen, and I divided the eye line so it was like different sections but open for her to be able to go into the next area, does that make sense? point is she loved it, and it gave her loads of walking space to keep those lovely litle legs strong, I also build or correction my lovely husband built, a ramp with a balcony so that she had extra exercise. This was in the winter when I didn't hibernate her, she is outside most of the time now.


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