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10 yr old hermann never hibernated
Posted: 06/09/2011 by mongopongo

Hi I am in a state of panic over my Herman tort called Mongo Pongo - my daughters bought him for me in March and he is 10yrs old and after having him for a month the previous owner informed me she had never hibernated him just over-wintered him in a viv. When I received my tort my daughters having researched had bought a proper tort table as that was advised best for him. My dilemma is you read alot of conflicting information on when to actually hibernate - I love the fact sheets on here so have no queries on the actual wind-down and hibernation process (I will be following fridge method) On the Jackson ratio he scores 0.22 so an ideal weight to length - he is very visibly healthy but starting to slow down a little now and not so hungry. He has spent most days of the Summer in the garden coming in at early evening but currently is spending a lot of time hiding in the bushes (hence where I say slowing down) Obviously I am very worried about this hibernation lark and love him more than my partner so would hate to jeopardise Mongo in any way.PLEASE help any advice would be very gratefully accepted - all I worry is have I left it too late for this year as I know I need 4-6 wks wind down - many thanks Eunice

Re: 10 yr old hermann never hibernated
Posted: 06/09/2011 by tortoise7

Hi Eunice
You sound like you have started to get yourself prepared for the hibernation which is brilliant. It is too early at the moment for the torts to hibernate so really you need to provide some heat source to keep them going. I try to work my dates backwards so that mine hibernate for 12 weeks coming out mid-late March. As this is yours and the torts first time, I would aim to do 6-8 wks but keeping a close eye on them, ready to take them out if you need to.Reasons to take them out  would be if they wee'd, lost too much weight or the fridge played up. It doesn't matter how long you have been hibernating tortoises we all get the jitters, but that is why this site is so good, as we can all help each other through it. I do the fridge method and find this the best way for me, but others on the site do natural hibernation, so they can offer their advice to those members who would like to go that way

Re: 10 yr old hermann never hibernated
Posted: 09/09/2011 by mongopongo

Hi Jane
Thanks for the tips I'm pleased I've not left it too late to hibernate mongopongo. He's getting the heat source & supplements & appears to be a happy chappie. At least I can chill for a few more weeks!!

Regards Eunice


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