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Starter questions
Posted: 05/09/2011 by Stu76


I am getting a hermanni hermanni tortoise and have some questions! I'm getting confused by the websites!

1) I've made the cardinal sin of getting a 4th vivarium!! Now all I'm reading is onto the vivs. I have two cats and a tort table with a bit of mesh on is not going to stop them being inquisitive. Any advice? Can I do something to the viv or scrap it and start again?

2) controversial debate subject- hibernating! Is this am essential thing for all
Med torts to do? Again seen differing opinions.
3) outdoor pens- should they have a bottom or be on grass? Read that the grass if wet or dewey could caus health problems but then i would have to put food n weeds in to compenstate which would take away half the fun for the fella!? Plus at what age can you leave outside during the day? I.e. Should juveniles never be let outside?

All help appreciated as it is a life long dre to have a tortoise and will do whatever necessary to ensure he has the best life!

Thanks again


Re: Starter questions
Posted: 05/09/2011 by Stu76

By the way I meant 4 ft viv! Forgive the predictive text mistakes above

Re: Starter questions
Posted: 05/09/2011 by krissander

Nice to hear your level of commitment, I would have a look through the galleries which have some pics of enclosures other people have built.

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