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Relocation to the Med
Posted: 30/08/2011 by rootsboy

Hi All
my girlfriend has just moved herself, child, cat and tortoise to my home in Ibiza (spain) and i have been given the task to help relocate Sammy from life in a vivarium/garden to one in my mediterranean back garden.
at first it seemed like a simple task until reading all the information on line about what we can and cant do.
as you can imaging the move has been quite hectic and trying to set up sammy's home has been quite slow, so far you may see from the pictures i have uploaded that i have made a temporary enclosure as i was first worried about preditors. but in the last few weeks i have built another wall out of stones so sammy can wonder around that part of the garden more and there has now been a few times he has stayed out at night hidden under the agave plant.
i have just ordered some mixed seeds to start growing weeds in that area along with adding more local plants that he can eat, including prickly pear.
but my main worry right now will be the winter, now i am under the understanding that he is a tunisian spur thigh, and damp and cold can be a problem. so rather then just hope that a cold frame will work in the winter months here i am thinking of buying one of these large insulated houses from cosy tortoises as there is no space to have him in the house, and im thinking it still gets cold and damp here at night in the winter, even though it is very sunny during the day. and that having a well built house with insulation and sunhouse etc will in the long run will be safer and more economical to run. can anyone give me there thoughts on this? thank you1

Re: Relocation to the Med
Posted: 30/08/2011 by rootsboy

ok here are the images of the area and sammy herself, she is about 10 years old and 10 inches from head to tail

Re: Relocation to the Med
Posted: 31/08/2011 by tortoise7

What a wonderful life this little fellow is going to have. The Tunisians don't hibernate and need to be kept warm, as they cannot tolerate cold or wet conditions.
A mini shed with heat/ UV lighting keeping temps in the day time to min 20c and max 26cish. Night time temps could fall to to 15c. The set you have is ideal and looks like it has plenty of sun.
Hope this helps,  fire away with any more questions

Re: Relocation to the Med
Posted: 03/09/2011 by DavidWYork

Have a look at this link to a Tortoise Trust article on habitat and enclosures. It might help you decide how to provide for your tortoise where you now live

I hope this helps...we are all wishing we lived in the med with our torts. Good luck.
Regards, David nr York.

Re: Relocation to the Med
Posted: 07/09/2011 by krissander

Great article David!Click and drag me down to the editor


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