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Posted: 20/08/2011 by krissander

Turbotortoises, anyone heard of them are they worth dealing with, or is this another don't touch with a barge pole.Click and drag me down to the editor

Re: Turbotortoises?
Posted: 20/08/2011 by tortoise7

Hadn't heard of them before but just had a look and they seem Ok, they say all the right things. Personally if I was thinking of getting a tort from them then I would phone and speak with them first, it just gives you a feel to see if they make you feel comfortable

Re: Turbotortoises?
Posted: 06/11/2011 by d.hameedi

I have but I think there useless they only have 3 species

Re: Turbotortoises?
Posted: 07/11/2011 by TPGDarren

I wouldn't like to say whether they are good or bad. I wouldn't necessarily judge a breeder on how many species of tortoises they keep. Often it is more responsible to have less species in order to give the species they keep more space.

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Re: Turbotortoises?
Posted: 04/05/2012 by rusty500

I'm new to the forum and have just noticed this thread, dispite the thread ibeing 6 months old i feel incline to comment as I acquired  my Herman from them some 6 years ago.

In my experience he was a pleasure to deal with, knew his stuff and could'nt have been more helpful, All the tortoises appeared very healthy and well kept despite being quite a large setup based on a farm in east sussex.

All the infomation he gave me back then is still relavant and accurate today despite a few changes in thinking over the past few years regarding tortoise husbandry.

I'd happily buy from him again based on my past experience.


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