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what should we look for in a hatchling
Posted: 20/08/2011 by krissander

If I were buying a puppy there would be a checklist which I would look through of features of a healthy puppy, is there a similar checklist for hatchlings. Is there anyone out there who could compile one? An annotated poster format would be great if anyone is artistic.Click and drag me down to the editor

Re: what should we look for in a hatchling
Posted: 21/08/2011 by VivTPG

Hi, its really hard to tell with tortoises, in a pet shop they may look healthy but they may be actively trying to escape the heat in the vivs! So never buy from a petshop/garden centre, also they are more than likely to be imported, and riddled with diseases and stressed.
Best to buy from a UK breeder, you know you will be getting a healthy tort especially if they are on our breeders list.
It is quite common though for a breeder not to want you to visit there premises to see the torts, this is often for security purposes as there has been a lot of tortoise thefts recently.
But the breeders will usually give you their contact number and be there to offer ongoing advice and help.
Even with a UK tort it is still hard to tell a healthy one, just make sure the tort hasnt been grown on too fast and its shell isnt 'bumpy' and thickened. The tort should also be bright eyed and active when warmed up.It may be worth taking any new tort for a vet check for worms or parasites for peace of mind. You could also check out the breeders husbandry and what they feed the tort to see if they follow the suggestions on our caresheets and that the tort is getting a natural diet of weeds.

I hope this helps a little, regards Vivienne


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