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Poor pet shop
Posted: 15/08/2011 by amy

I recently went into my local pet shop and was shocked at the conditions that two spur thigh tortoises were being kept in, they were in a viv with no correct lighting and two heat mats under bark chipping, there was no food and just a small water bowl which they are unable to bath in.

Is there anything we can do to help these tortoises?

Many thanks

Amy :)


Re: Poor pet shop
Posted: 15/08/2011 by tortoise7

Hi Amy
You could print off a care sheet and take it into them, if they don't seem interested then contact the RSPCA, they have produced a care sheet on tortoises which is very good, apart from the substrate that they suggest and some food items, which I have spoken to them about, but hopefully they can have a word with the petshop
Let us know what happens

Re: Poor pet shop
Posted: 16/08/2011 by amy

Hi Jane

I have sent a care sheet by post so I will pop in over the next few days to see if there have been any improvements, if not I will give the RSPCA a call and explain the situation.

Many thanks for your help will keep you posted.

Amy :)

Re: Poor pet shop
Posted: 17/08/2011 by tortoise7

Well done Amy, lets hope that they take notice, we are forever hopeful. Would be really pleased to know how you get on, so we can pass on the information to other members who come across the same thing


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