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need a little help please
Posted: 15/08/2011 by ellen 1963

hi everyone i hope you are all keeping well i am happy to say that  shelby is ready for her first hibernation if anyone can give me tips on the best way to go about this we would be very gratful shelby is about 5 years old and in good health for the last few weeks she,s been digging down and sleeping long in to the day i know some of you have a keep tortoises for a long time and know the best way to give them the best sleep so can any tell me when to start cutting back on food then take me through the whole thing as this is all new to me i dont have a clue thanks guys from ellen and shelbyClick and drag me down to the editor

Re: need a little help please
Posted: 15/08/2011 by DavidWYork

Hi is very early for hibernation yet. What type of torty is Shelby...maybe post a picture we love 'em. Is she indoors or out? Is she warm and well lit?

Give a few more details and we can then know about the set up and the best way to lead you to hibernation...good to be thinking so well ahead. Last year my mature Spur-thighed were awake until mid November. I think you might need to tweek conditions a little for now. Keep us posted.

Regards, David nr York

Re: need a little help please
Posted: 15/08/2011 by tortoise7

Hi Helen
Like David has said, it is too early for hibernation yet, I don't start to wind my down until Mid November. I start my preparation in September, getting the fridge up and running so I can make sure that the temps stay stable, and planning my days for winddown etc. Have a good read of the hibernation sheet to get yourself familiar with what needs to be done, I found that helped me alot. We are all here to help each other through a stress free hibernation so don't worry. Yes it would be good to know what species you have to make sure they are hibernating species, before you think about hibernating them


Re: need a little help please
Posted: 21/09/2011 by dawn.t

This is my first hibenation this year as ive only had them since april. they are both 20+ yrs old and had been left to their own devices ,except for outside house with extra blanket in the winter. So very hardy. But since ive accquired them, they have become my babies and quite spoilt. So iam concerned that they will be ok,.Dasiy is in a whole filled with some straw and covered with bracken and a blanket and now in a secure enclosure as we have visiting foxes night time>Daisy put her self to bed about a week ago since the weather changed and has not eaten for a good 2wks bowels were emptied, Romeo is in their house within the same enclosure on a blanket surrounded with straw and for the last few days will not come out, If i physically get him out he puts himself back, so i have now left them be. I live on the coast so we have had high winds and its been quite cold. Ive also taken them to the vet last week and had them wormed. given their previous existance for 20yrs should i be concerned as they have always been outside,and survived without any intervention,and to be honest my husband says they are in five star accomodation now.They will be coverd continually now within a fox proof enclosure and also protected from rain and wind both are within this enclosure but are still free to come out of their sleeping areas to walk around if the so wish. As a new mum am i over-reacting !! they are so funny and i dont want to lose them .Now it doesnt just stop their as in june daisy laid 11 eggs and 7 have now hatched. been reading up for weeks on all info i can obtain. My new hatchlings are doing well except they keep flipping on their backs. They have all that room and have to climb constantly like naughty children over one another so iam having sleepless nights worrying, how long before they stay the right way up all of the time. I think i might be a regular pain asking for advice as iam such a novice and  Iam having to learn very fast. Have to say your care sheets have been a god send such good advice. eg basking light ive had it on all the time, but not to night after reading a question and answer on the same subject. I do hope that included hatchlings if not can you right back quick. tks.

Re: need a little help please
Posted: 05/11/2011 by d.hameedi

you should put shelby in a box with in a bigger box with some straw for maximum protection against the frost


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