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Home needed
Posted: 11/08/2011 by Amyandesiotrot

Hi, my tortoise seems to be suffering because its living in a glass tank in my room.. I know this is wrong so i keep it outside a lot. Its very young, and i need something for it to sleep in that is inside. Does anyone have a tortoise enclosure or tank or something suitable to keep it in that i could have? Im a student and really dont have enough money to buy a new one. Please please help me someone?

Re: Home needed
Posted: 12/08/2011 by tortoise7

Hi and Welcome
Well done for putting the tortoise welfare first and realising that tanks are out!!
Firstly if there is a lid on the tank remove it and get as much ventilation circulating as possible. Can you got hold of a wooden drawer, you could try your local tip, this will serve as an open top pen. Have you got heating and lighting in the tank? When you put the tortoise outside what is the enclosure like? sorry for these questions, just trying to get a feel about your set up and what you have available to you, and I wonder if you could say what you are feeding them on and the substrate?
Tortoises are wonderful to keep but unfortunately they can be rather expensive initially when you are getting set-up. Have you read the care sheets opposite as they give lots of good advice, and with the help from the forum you can get a good environment for your tort. What age are they and what species?


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