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Natural hibernation
Posted: 10/09/2008 by ElaineTPG

PLEASE be aware of the change in our climate, many tortoises that have hibernated outdoors in the past may be in danger due to our high water table this year. PLEASE think ahead and pre-empt any earlier signs of a tortoise that is looking as if it is going into hibernation mode. For alternative methods of hibernation; use the menu bar left hand side and click on The Tortoise this will take you to the various ways of hibernating your tortoise and we are always here to help with any queries.

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Re: Natural hibernation
Posted: 14/01/2014 by treecloff

 Hi i dug a pit outside 2 ft deep, 3ft by 2 ft. I bricked all sides and loose graveled the bottom for drainage though we do have good drainage. I then filled with peat and sand. Then built a house over top with pitched roof hinged for inspection and a door. The door is boarded up for winter but allowed loose for spring. The tortoises use the house for summer nights or inclement weather only but in winter dig into the earth inside. I find that they do not wake up on the odd warm spring day but wait till the soil warms through down to them they then push open the door and by then the weather has warmed up enough for them to start to eat. I have kept 4 tortoises for 45 years this way. before that i failed miserably with different box systems. This system is totally labour free with no checks thermometers or electricity bills but works, for me and my tortoises at least. However although they lay eggs regularly i have never managed to hatch. I have done everything to the book, temperature, humidity, aeration, sand, vermiculite, you name it. Could it be that i have all females, but would they still lay eggs?. Chickens do of course. How i would love to have babies, help.


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