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Posted: 27/07/2011 by Mika

My 2 year old spurred tortoise has been eatng buttercups he seems to love them but after reading your web site I am worried about them being toxic and harming him.  Will he be ok?

Also I do not want to hibernate him I could.t bear losing him Is this ok

Re: health
Posted: 28/07/2011 by tortoise7

Hi Mika
Sounds like he has been lucky as they are very toxic, best keep him away from them from now on.
With good knowledge and preparation by reading up on the subject, there should not be any reason why you loose your tort. It is a personal decision, when you decide to start hibernating, but it does benefit the tortoise and helps to regulate growth. I took the decision not to hibernate until my one was 4 years old and her body weight stayed stable, I did have an attempt when she was 2yrs old but she lost too much weight on the winddown. So to sum up my reasoning on hibernating my little one, is that it was when I felt confident, the torts can do it blind folded.


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