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Posted: 27/07/2011 by bubbles

Hi there
I have a hermann tort called bubbles and she is now 11.5cm and I think if I am right I need to get her microchipped. I am a little concerned about this. Will it hurt her. My poor little tort cos I don't think I would like to be chipped :) Also is there anything else I need to do. will her certificate that she has, still be ok, or do I need to send it away somewhere because it says about her being under 100mm.

Re: bubbles
Posted: 27/07/2011 by tortoise7

This is a debatable subject. I can only give you my personal opinion on what I looked into about microchipping and then you can make your own mind up.
It is not a requirement unless you are going to breed. The micro chip is the size of the tip of a cigarette, and if not done by an expert the body can reject it.
The main reason for microchipping is if the tort is stolen then it can be identified. I have gone down another route which I feel happy with and that is fingerprinting, you take a two photo's of each, of the plastron (Underneath shell) and the Carapace (Top shell), the plaston has it's own unique pattern, and send it to John Hayward (Contact details can be found in the lost or found section) If the tort was stolen and then you discovered who had them, you could produce the photo for ID. You will need to update the photo's every year, especially for the little ones.
A much less stressful way for tort and owner I think.
You don't have to do anything if you don't want to, so I wouldn't get too upset about it,I would just  be aware of security when you own a tort and try to put things into place to keep them safe

Re: bubbles
Posted: 28/07/2011 by bubbles

I have enquired at the local vets and there is a lady who deals in reptiles and tortoises who would be able to micro chip her. I would have to take her in first thing in the morning and leave her there. I haven't made a decision as yet on what really to do. When you say they can reject them. Does this mean she could be poorly and end up with a infection. I have taken pictures of the underside of her shell when I first got bubbles as I had read about this. I think this may possibly be the route I take.
thank you for the advice. It is appreciated.


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