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Posted: 20/07/2011 by Nicole

Hi there..not sure if this is the correct subject to be posting under but I am looking for some advice in respect to selling hatchlings. I have applied for my Article 10s for my new hatchlings and this is our first time actively selling our Herman hatchlings. I like the idea of selling on a individual basis where I can pass on advice to potential owners rather than just hand over the babies to a third party. One huge concern for me is how do you protect your security, of both hatchlings and parents. Our parent tortoises have free range of the garden and I figure when people come to see the babies with a view to purchase it would be easy for them to check out our security or lack of it. Would it be politically correct to ask people for a desposit and contact details before they visit to see the babies to ensure their genuinity do you think....I am having sleepless nights about all this so any advice from experienced breeders that encounter similar circumstances would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Nicole

Re: Security
Posted: 20/07/2011 by tortoise7

Hi Nicole
This is always a tricky one. All I can offer is that if it was me, unless I had top security measures which would put someone off, I would not show them around the premises, can you not bring the babies into a room for them to see?
I don't breed myself, but I have friends who do and I have seen how they deal with this situation
Hope this helps, probably someone from TPG Admin will be able to help you


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