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What to do during a power cut?
Posted: 18/07/2011 by Mozla

Dear All

We had a recent power cut which went on for a couple of days. We have an indoor tortoise table and a hermanns tort. The weather wasn't that cold but on the first morning but the temp registered 19C and stayed that for a few hours.

Our poor Percy was very 'cold' to touch and though he was awake, it was obvious he was unhappy.

Later that day we took the decision to take the whole table to a relatives so that he could get some warmth. This was no mean task!

My question is, could we have just left him until the power came back on or did we do the right thing and move him. I must admit he looked pretty stressed afterwards!

Also, I know of back up batteries for large pieces of equipment. Is it worth getting one? My feeling in this case is that it probably wouldn't have lasted long enough!

Any help appreciated


Re: What to do during a power cut?
Posted: 18/07/2011 by tortoise7

I am guessing that this is a one off, as usually powercuts don't last that long. If they are a regular occurance then I would probably invest in a small generator especially if I was going to do fridge hibernation. Difficult one really, had it been the wintertime I would have done the same as you, but in this weather I think I would have just put lots of shredded newspaper in the house and of a night time put a blanket over the pen. In the daytime  put them outside(staying with them) for a while to get some UV
Maybe someone will come in with another a suggestion, an interesting thought though, I like questions like yours they you make think practical
Hope this has helped
Jane, Keya & Molly

Re: What to do during a power cut?
Posted: 19/07/2011 by Mozla

Dear Jane

Thanks for the advice. If we had our recent time over, I think I would not have moved him. Your suggestions for keeping things going in the short term are very helpful.

The problem is, at the time you never know how long things are going to last. Even the updates from the power company were way out.

Hope this doesn't happen again any time soon!



Re: What to do during a power cut?
Posted: 19/07/2011 by tortoise7

Hi Moira
I am glad I could offer you some help, although it was easy for me to say after the event, you probably would have reviewed it differently yourself too, but flight or fright comes into play (I have had plenty of those with my twoClick and drag me down to the editor) and we react the best way we know how in that given situation.
Glad it is all sorted now


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