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tortoise in need of rescuing
Posted: 04/07/2011 by tejay

hi... i recently went to a well done nationwide pet store an saw a viv with approx 7 leopard tortoises in there Click and drag me down to the editor,, i no its best to buy from a breeder recommanded but i really wanna go get 1 to get it out off the conditions i saw it in, there was condensation on every bit of glass there was a couple eating n the rest were either a sleep in the cold section or under their heat lamp,, its been playing on my mind since i saw them... if i could afford them all i would take them all.. but surely saving 1 is better then not helping..

any advice on this matter please x

Re: tortoise in need of rescuing
Posted: 04/07/2011 by tejay

sorry shld been well known pets store

Re: tortoise in need of rescuing
Posted: 04/07/2011 by tortoise7

Can you give them a a care sheet of how to look after tortoises, and if they fail to take any notice then report them to trading standards or the RSPCA. I know it is totally heartbreaking, but if people don't buy from the petshops then there will not be a demand for them to keep livestock.
Good luck, keep us posted
Jane, Keya & Molly

Re: tortoise in need of rescuing
Posted: 05/07/2011 by tejay

its such a nationwide pet sore wouldn't no where to send it, people who work there can't change anything themselves it has to come much higher.. i mite just post a care sheet to store an see if any notice happens... its heartbreaking to think wat will happen to the 1s tat don't get brought,, where will thye end up???

tejay x

Re: tortoise in need of rescuing
Posted: 06/07/2011 by tortoise7

Hi Tejay
I know us tort lovers sometimes feel helpless in this situation. What I have done in the past is talk to the person in charge of the pet area and explain the bad conditions the torts are in, you will never stop them recommending viv's, heatmats and wood chippings as they make so much money on, but at least they will know that someone is keeping an eye on the torts. I have also put a notice up in my local vet offering advice on how to keep your torts happy and healthy, that targets people in the local area who are likely to buy the torts, I also take every opportunity to tell people not to buy from the petshops or at least warn them that if they do feel they want to rescue the torts then they will have to be checked for worms bladder stones and poor MBD, pyramiding, of course you do have to be careful not to be slanderous or else you could end up in trouble. The TPG run a petition to sign against the import of tortoises that land up in the petshops under the bracket of captive bred, which means they orginally came from the wild, bred on tortoise farms, or had a picket fence put around the nesting eggs!! it is a sad old world we live in
Jane,Keya & Molly


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