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Posted: 02/07/2011 by tejay

hi i'm looking for some advice.. have wanted a tortoise for years, have done as much research i can on different species, diets etc an have made a refernce book.. i have got everything i need for 1 except the tortoise as still feel unready for 1.. i have got a viv that housed a horsfield in it for a good number off years, he was brought aged 2 an now is 21 only reason the horsfield was moved out off it as he's owner died n our m8 who rehomed him had a bigger 1 so no longer needed this 1 an this 1 is bigger then the 1 i've now let the kids gerbil live inClick and drag me down to the editor .. after reading some advice on here its been said viv's are no good, but the horsfield that was in it thieved with no health issues....   please help me now feel even more un-ready 4 1 should i use it or not..

thanks tejay

Re: housing
Posted: 03/07/2011 by tortoise7

Hi Tejay
I would strongly advice you not to put a tortoise in a Viv it is a very unnatural envirnment for them to be in. I think the best way to understand what is the right environment is to look at how they live in the wild.  We can't replicate that exactly but we try to get as near as we can so that the torts can have their natural behaviour patterns which keep them naturally healthy and stress free. I always think that the torts that have survived the Viv experience are just plain lucky, or maybe not so lucky in what they have never experienced!! take a look at the care sheet opposite and you will have a very happy tort
Jane, Keya & Molly

Re: housing
Posted: 04/07/2011 by tejay


 no worries spoke to my husband about my worries, we have 2 cats so he didn't feel safe with tortoise table or indoor rabbit/guinea pig as they cld still put they paws through n cause stress so he taken a jigsaw to my viv he's cut all sides out n just left like a frame n taken glass out n we gonna mess sides, on top he's cut out most of it just leaving enough middle section where the light/heat bulb is... the viv is a great size for a hatchling or a juvenile which is wat we looking at getting so kids grow up with it n when its there turn to take over care the tortoise will b used to them..

thanks 4 ur advice ..

Re: housing
Posted: 25/07/2011 by horsefeild123

you need ventilation!keep ur cats away you can let them rule the roost u should have 1 special room for ur toroie were cats arent aloud to go !!!


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