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what breed likes humans
Posted: 17/06/2011 by cmc627


i'm thinking of getting a tortoise for my son's birthday - he'll be 12, and this is what he wants.  he is a very loving child and would really want the tortoise to be happy.  are there any breeds that seem to like being pets?  are there any that seem to like being held / patted?  that seem to recognise and respond to their humans?  i never wanted a pet before as i never liked the idea of animals in captivity, and i used to think that dogs were the only animals who seemed to like being pets.  a dog as a pet is not suitable for us.  please give me any advice you can. thanks.

prospective tortoise mum

Re: what breed likes humans
Posted: 18/06/2011 by HelenandBrian

Hi, unfortunately tortoises are really a looking at and watching pet. They are fascinating but shouldn't really be petted or handled too much. They can carry salmonella as well so hygiene is very important. All my neighbours kids are fascinated by my tortoise, Brian, and they love to come and watch him when he's outdoors and enjoy feeding him but I don't let them handle him. Also tortoises have alot of specific needs and the set up can be fairly expensive. Sorry to sound negative but I would suggest reading the care sheets first. Helen

Re: what breed likes humans
Posted: 19/06/2011 by cmc627

thanks helen. i was wondering that myself. i don't know if a tortoise is suitable but my son seems to have his heart set on it. i will have a read of the care sheets and think further on it.

Re: what breed likes humans
Posted: 21/09/2011 by horsefeild123

yes yes yes and yes i would recommend a horsefeild my tort ricky absalutly loves his shell being scrached and head being scratched ! your son is on the right track he WILL LOVE his tort


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