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Is he doing what I think
Posted: 23/05/2011 by Hazel S

Basil my spur thigh who is over 60 years had started to do something I'v never seen him do before. In his indoor enclosure there are a couple of cork bark pieces which he can climb over. In the last couple of weeks he's started to stand on his back legs with the front ones on the larger piece of bark and push against it. Whilst doing so he makes a sound like a sad kazoo, though I don't know from which end! He frequently opens his mouth wide at the same time. Is he trying to mate with it? The bark is quite similar in colour to him and it's the first time he's had cork bark in his enclosure. If he is doing that, is it ok to leave him to it and just hope the vicar doesn't come round?! In all other respects he seems his usual self.

best wishes


Re: Is he doing what I think
Posted: 23/05/2011 by VivTPG

Hi Hazel, Lol, he does appear to be mating with the cork!!  Yes you can leave him to it, if it does become a problem there is a hormone tablet that can be given to torts by a vet, as some torts can become aggressive to their owners especially when outside, they will attempt to bite or mate feet etc!!

Hope he calms down soon, regards VivienneClick and drag me down to the editor

Re: Is he doing what I think
Posted: 07/06/2011 by Hazel S

Thanks Vivienne. He does seem a bit calmer although he was at it the other morning for 2 hours! No aggressive behaviour towards me. If only I had a big garden I'd try and get him a real girlfriend.


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