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Posted: 21/05/2011 by zilbif


I read post about getting a breeder certificate My Hermans has laid eggs

If they hatch I will need to get one but you said that you need to get the male microchipped I was discussing this with my partner only the other day and we thought it wiuld be cruel to do this

Where is the chip implanted How do you know that its not doing harm

can anyone advise


Re: Microchipping
Posted: 23/05/2011 by VivTPG

Hi Liz, the chip is implanted into the back leg.  We agree that it is not ideal for torts as the chip is the same chip used in dogs, but this is a requirement laid down by DEFRA, and both torts need to be chipped. 

It is a worrying time getting them chipped, so it is best to go to a tortoise specialist vet to get it done, as they will be aware of the best position to insert the chip. We recommend that people only have this done if they are planning to breed the torts.

I hope this helps, regards VivienneClick and drag me down to the editor


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