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The price is...?
Posted: 16/04/2011 by DavidWYork

My interest in tortoises goes back years. The first I ever bought cost the same price as 20 Mars bars, which in those days was 10 shillings. This was what I earned for a day delivering milk as a Saturday boy. I am interested to know how that equates to todays prices.

The range of tortoise prices I see for sale intrigues me. I know species and size affect price, but 65.00 for hatchling spur-thighed up to 400 for adults of same species. Most remarkable of all is how many are still for sale week after week. I wonder what the ACTUAL prices are...what are people actually paying? It might be that the high payers might not like to admit what they paid, similarly if anyone did post a rock bottom price they might be inundated with requests for details of their source! Perhaps I will never know...but would love to. Anyone throw any light on the issue of prices paid this season...or is it forever a mystery to me,,,will there ever be a "book price" to start at?     David nr York.

Re: The price is...?
Posted: 16/04/2011 by VivTPG

Hi David,  I have heard that the importers buy the med torts for as little a 5 each, they are sold to pet shops for around 30+ who then add on their cut, the imported torts often sell for around 160+ in pet shops/internet. As I say tho, that is only what I have heard, others may know more.

The rarer torts obviously fetch a lot more money, and are usually supplied to order, which in itself is a tragedy as they are more than likely to be plucked from the wild.

Breeders who sell their own bred babies for much less, usually around 100 but at least you know you are getting a UK bred tort that is healthy and usually comes with life long aftercare!! 

You see torts advertised all the time often at ridiculous prices, I dont know who would buy them, but as you say you see the same ads week after week.

Regards Vivienne


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