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Out door enclosure
Posted: 24/03/2011 by kerryl

Hi we are designing a more permanent outdoor enclosure for Trevor this year. (We have previously used his cage outside with the grill on and taken the grill of as a tray inside - if that makes sense) We have Fenced off an area 3 metres by 1.5 metres and have brought a cold frame which we plan to adapt one side as a house (timber) and the other side as a conservatory! lol We have built a hill in the middle and my husband is currently turfing part of the area. I have some white pebbles to go round the bathing pool and will convince my husband to leave a digging area too. I already have tortoise friendly plants in pots and I will put these into his pen and I have scattered weed seed on to the turf, much to my husbands distress!! there is a metal grid under the mud and we will be boarding up the bottom so Trevor is not able to see out. Do you think this will be ok? Is there anything I have missed? He is still tiny and we have a net to go over the top. Any more ideas would be fab please.

Re: Out door enclosure
Posted: 24/03/2011 by VivTPG

Hi Kerry, it sounds like you have it all well sorted.  Good idea to cover with netting you dont want the birds taking them. Few plants to provide shade?

Please take some photos when its done, and post them in the members area

Regards Vivienne

Re: Out door enclosure
Posted: 26/03/2011 by kerryl

Thanks Vivienne.
I was thinking of adding a heatlamp and thermometer to his little house so that he can stay outside. I will make sure he is locked up at night, but how big does he have to be before he can stay out? He is 3.5 years and weight 125g so is still quite tiny. Also we were thinking maybe he should have a friend if we were to introduce another one what sex, age etc should we go for and how do we go about it? Sorry for so many questions just want to get it right. thank you Kerry.

Re: Out door enclosure
Posted: 26/03/2011 by kerryl

I will take pictures as we go along. I am a registered Childminder and Trevors new home is part of my sensory garden, we used to keep a rabbit but unfortunately he died this year (I think he was the oldest rabbit we have ever had, so everyone was very sad.) The tortoise enclosure will need to be secure enough from little fingers and birds so we have a challenge on our hands. I will post pictures of this area developing.

Re: Out door enclosure
Posted: 26/03/2011 by VivTPG

Hi, this sounds great!  You could leave him outside as long as you heat the wooden enclosure and lock him up at night.  I must admit, I havent been brave enough to leave mine out!  Although, they are out in greenhouses and sheds, they have their own access to go out during the day.  And at night I bring them in and shut the shed and greenhouses up, so in theory I would say its the same as you are planning to do.

Regards getting another one, you have to remember that you would have to have a separate them (quarantine) for a 3-4 months, unless you get them from the same breeder.  You can only mix the same species together.  Then you have to consider the sex.  An ideal ratio is 3 females to 1 male.  Two males may not get on, or one male : one female, the female may be constantly pestered by the male!!  In the wild they are quite solitary, so there is no need to get another one for the torts sake!!

Hope this helps, regards Vivienne

Re: Out door enclosure
Posted: 27/03/2011 by kerryl

Yes I would definitely lock him up at night, could you please tell me what the night time temp should ideally be? Sorry no more questions for a while I promise :-) I am really glad I asked about getting a second one then, as I was feeling sorry for Trevor living on his own. I can sleep better now knowing he likes to live alone. Thanks again Kerry

Re: Out door enclosure
Posted: 29/03/2011 by VivTPG

Hi Kerry, the night time temperature should be around 12+C, In the shed I have a tubular greenhouse heater set on a thermostat that comes on when the temp goes down.  In the other torts greenhouse, they have a wooden hut in there for night times, in that I have put a ceramic bulb (looks like a bulb but doesnt give out light), again this is on a thermostat.

Hope this helps, dont worry about asking questions thats what we are here for!! regards Vivienne

Re: Out door enclosure
Posted: 29/03/2011 by kerryl

Hi Vivienne
Thank you for all your help. I love this web site.
Kerry and Trevor


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