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Venturing outside...
Posted: 24/03/2011 by KNS

We're hoping/planning to put our TGGs into their outdoor enclosure in mid-late April, depending of course upon the weather (anyone's guess, lately).  They will then spend their nights in a small shed with a thermostat and small tubular heater to try and keep the temps up on cooler nights, then in the mornings we will open the hatch so they can access their garden or stay in the shed under the lamps if they don't like the look of the weather!  We have two questions:-

1.  Approximately what minimum night time temperature is acceptable for this environment?  They will have a 50/50 sand/soil mix to dig into to sleep.  And what minimum day time temperature (which I realise must be in the shade) for that matter?

2.  On days like we've had just recently, where the sun has been out but the air is still relatively cool (around 11-13 degrees), can we let the girls have some limited time in the sunshine?  We wouldn't leave them out there, just give them as much time as they seem to want, and guided by them slowing down/stopping if they are cold?

Look forward to your guidance, thank you.

Re: Venturing outside...
Posted: 24/03/2011 by tortoise7

Sounds like a lovely set-up. How old are the torts?
The temps should not drop below 10c but I would have said 15c overnight temps (This would roughly be what they would be in the wild) and 18-22 in the day (cool area) under lamps 30-34c if the sun isn't shining of course. In Northampton the weather is glorious has been for the past 3-4 days so mine are out, the 5yrs old and the 25yr old, I do take them back indoors at night though, mine is for safety measures only. A hour of natural UV is like hours of artificial, so if you are able to get them as soon as possible in the day they would thank you for it I am sure.
Hope that helps

Re: Venturing outside...
Posted: 27/03/2011 by KNS

Hi Jane, thanks for your advice - and for the compliment!  We have spent a great deal of time, effort - and of course money - on trying to make the set-up just right, so we hope that they will be happy with it.  Our girls will be 5, 10 and 10 this year.  We are on the South-East coast so our temps don't tend to get up as high as they do inland, but we'll keep an eye on the weather and put them out to get the sun on their backs as soon as can.

Thanks again.


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