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Should they mix?
Posted: 21/03/2011 by kazza

Advice please?

My neighbour normally looks after my two spur thighed torts when I am on holiday and comes into my garden to look after them. In April, I am going away for three weeks and my neighbour has suggested that I take them into her garden instead.  She has two torts (not sure what breed) but I have heard that it is not a good idea to put them all together.

I don't want to hurt her feelings but do you think that this is the wrong thing to do? 

Should I say that I prefer to keep them separate?

Thanks for any advice

Re: Should they mix?
Posted: 22/03/2011 by VivTPG

Hi, yes you should keep them separate.  Firstly, as you say you dont know if they are the same species, you cannot mix the species, as each have their own pathogens that could wipe out another species of tort. And secondly, you dont know if any of the torts have worms or parasites that could be passed to the other torts.   It could also stress your tortoises by putting them in with two they dont know and in a different environment.

Hope this helps, regards Vivienne

Re: Should they mix?
Posted: 22/03/2011 by kazza

Thank you for the advice. That's what I thought



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