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New owner
Posted: 06/03/2011 by littlemiss1305

Hi we have jsut got a Horsefield and have him in a tortoise table with both a UV light and basking light.  I just want to make sure its ok to turn both lights off at night time.  The house is warm n does not usually get cold but dont want Norm to get poorly.  Also is it best to put his food and and then let him eat as much as he wants and then take the food out until the next day? I dont want to over feed him.  Im new to this and did alot of research but some sites say one thing and ive got confussed with what i should do.  Can i bath him more than once a week? the breeder we got him from said once a week is fine but some sites have said do it 2-3 times a week?

Re: New owner
Posted: 06/03/2011 by VivTPG

Hi, Click and drag me down to the editorto the site.

Yes you do turn both lights off at night, they need a 'night and day' routine, the room temperature at night will be fine for him.

Regarding the food, put out as much as it would take to cover his shell (like a coat!), let him eat that any that remains after half an hour throw away, with horsfields they are greedy and will usually eat the lot!!  Best not to overfeed, nice slow growth is best.  Also, only feed weeds or plants that come from the garden.  A good site to find out about the best edible plants for them is .

You can bath him 2-3 times a week, but always leave a dish of water in the table for him to drink.

regards Vivienne

Re: New owner
Posted: 08/03/2011 by littlemiss1305

Hi Vivienne

Thank you so much, thats what i thought about the day/night time thing.  Ive been turning them off at night.

Also about the food i know what you mean i dont want him to grow quicker tha he should do.  Its good to know ive been doin things right. Click and drag me down to the editor Thank you again.

Yes he always has water in his dish.

Thanks again



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