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Sleepy tortoise
Posted: 25/02/2011 by yoda

Hi everybody,

Just wandered Esio Trot (Spur thighed 5 months old) sleeps alot during the day. Is he instinctively hibernating or is it normal ? I feed him food everyday and he eats most of it but I have to bring him out as he doesn't usually do it by himself. After the food he goes straight back to bed. The temperature is 20-25 degrees and 35-40 degrees at the other end. His beds at the cool end so do you think if I moved it over nearer the warmth he would wake naturally? Could he just be bored?


Re: Sleepy tortoise
Posted: 28/02/2011 by VivTPG

Hi, it is still quite cold and mostly miserable still in this country and tortoises are instinctively aware of this and do want to sleep the day away until the sun is out!  As long as he is eating he should be ok, make sure you are bathing him or that he is drinking.

I would leave the bed area in the cooler end, its best to let him choose the temp and area he wants to be in.

I hope this helps, please get back to us if you have any further worries, regards Vivienne


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