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Up and About
Posted: 24/02/2011 by Hazel S

I'm pleased to say that Basil woke up nearly two weeks ago from his first fridge hibernation. He's probably eating almost everyday now and I've been giving him regular baths. Waiting for something to come out the other end which assume is on its way! Although he might have a wee in his bath. He seems pretty much his usual self. I have to say I wasn't prepared for him to open his eyes whilst hibernating or occasionally changing position. I think these animals haven't been reading the same care sheets as us! Thanks for the advice I received back at the start of hibernation and hope everyone's tortoise wake up safely

best wishes

Re: Up and About
Posted: 24/02/2011 by tortoise7

Hi Hazel
Click and drag me down to the editor another successful story on the forum. Yes they sure make their own rules!!!

 My Molly is due out in 2 wks time, hoping she is OK too, will post when we are up and running


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