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Need advice
Posted: 07/02/2011 by srhkellogg

I have a russian tortoise that someone got for me as a gift. And within the last month or so has become less active and ate less and is altogether now buried and sleeping. I am certain she is still alive. I did not attempt to "hibernate" her. It just happened. I keep her heat lamp on 12 hrs as usual. I am concerned after all that I have read that there is nothing i can do about this condition and that she may or may not live through it. Should I still be putting the heat lamp on?

Re: Need advice
Posted: 07/02/2011 by tortoise7

What temps is your heating? personally I would wake them up and give a warm bath straight away, they need to be rehydrated as soon as possible ,as you have not officially hibernated them. If your little one doesn't show any signs of wanting to eat, then I would take them to a specialist who deals with Tortoises to get them checked out. I am guessing that this little one came from a petshop? which is even more need to rehydrate asap and get them checked out.
You done right not to hibernate as you had only had them for a short while. What sort of set up do you have?


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